We come to work because we want to solve the biggest problems in environment, health and safety management (EHS). We know golf EHS, we’re obsessively passionate about it, and we’re excited to simplify it for everyone through our technology, our education and our people.

Our Mission:

We create safer, more sustainable work places.

Our Vision:

To provide access to the golfing world’s best environment & safety management solution in one click.


Working for you to keep your people, your business, and the planet safer than ever

Kevin Fletcher PhD
Kevin Fletcher PhDCEO
Kevin has served as Executive Director of Audubon International and now heads up epar USA. He also serves as an Assistant Professor at Russell Sage College School of Management in Albany, New York.
Terry Muir
Terry MuirFounder & President
Terry is the epar founder. He holds a Master of Science & Technology and is committed to developing technologies that make golf businesses the safest and most sustainable they’ve ever been.
Madeline Fenton
Madeline FentonManager EHS Operations
Madeline is our customer support and EHS specialist. Madeline has a lead role in establishing and supporting our new Connect 2.0 program in the USA and internationally.


Every EHS app you need and nothing you don’t:

* Map and track your risks and hazards   * Create your “Live” risk register   * Log and manage incidents

* Conduct OSHA and EPA Inspections   * Assign and track work tasks   * Track equipment use competency

* Chemical Applications and SDS’s   * Manage Contractors   * Training and Induction Academy

* Map your sites natural capital with S.M.A.R.T  * Assign EHS quizzes to staff   * EHS Performance reports

* Send EHS Alerts and communicate hazards to staff.

Whether you manage 1 site or 100’s of sites, epar Connect 2.0 delivers simple and intuitive tools to keep your people safe, the environment protected, and improve your brand.

S.M.A.R.T – Sustainability Management and Reporting Tool.

Use our S.M.A.R.T app map to visualize your environment and safety initiatives

We are excited to be able to provide our customers a visual representation and database of their sites environment, health and safety values and initiatives.

Whether it be a structure, a habitat area, a work practice, or a process in place, it can be mapped, recorded, linked to procedures, and shared with stakeholders.

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