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Other e-par Products and Services Coming Soon

e-parUSA has developed a complete sustainability protfolio of products and services to ensure you can improve and enhance your environmental performance. Coming soon to the e-parUSA Shop is:

  1. The T.E.E (Training for an Environmental Event) online training modules. Watch an environmental incident unfold and see how a simple activity can have catastropic consequences. Learn from the best practice presentation and then have staff complete an online exam.
  2. The e-parUSA On-site Simulated Environmental Training Exercise. Our experts come to you and stager a simulated environmental incident involving your staff. Their response and behaviors are observede during the incident and reported and examined duuring a debrief. The objective is to ensure your staff are competent to deal with an environmental incident.
  3. The e-parUSA environmental audit. Our experts visit your site and conduct an environmental performance audit to ensure you are on par environmentally.
  4. The e-parUSA Environmental Awareness and Responsibility Seminar. e-par trainers visit your site and deliver to your staff and contractors a detailed session on environmental awareness, responsibility and induction aimed at ensuring that everyone who works for your organization understands their individual environmental responsibilities.
  5. Certification as an e-par EMS Certified Professional. Have your environmental competency formally recognized increasing your professional standing in the industry. Superintendents wil environmental skills will be highly sought after so don't get left behind.
  6. e-parUSA Platinum. This is the complete sustainability solution. It includes the e-par EMS, the TEE training, audits and training seminars plus your EMS is developed by an e-par expert. Platinum will save you time and money as we manage your EMS.